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Thanksgiving is over, we hope you had a great time with your family.  

Christmas will be here quickly, are you ready? 

Two topics for your consideration on today's blog.  Christmas family portrait cards and family portrait gifts.


Christmas cards that are personalized with your family portraits are special keepsakes.  For the friends or rarely seen family that may be in a different part of the country, or even the world, a portrait on a Christmas card can be a welcome update on what everyone looks like in a holiday themed image along with a special greeting from you. 

Dayspring Photography is flexible with where we take those portraits.  We have nice outdoor locations, or we can come and set up at a location of your choice that is meaningful to your family.

There are many options as to number of cards, number of images on those cards, and card edge. We can help you with the choices that are available and take as many pictures as desired.


Family Gift Portraits

We know from sometimes difficult experience that grandparents or great grandparents don't need or really want one more candle or another trinket gift.  Yes, we've been there, done that...  What they want is a quality professional portrait of their son or daughter (grandson/granddaughter) and their  family.

A nice family photo outside, or one taken inside at your home, or inside with a background and then printed as a large canvas, metal image, or a large framed print, can be a centerpiece for a family room or another location in a home.  Family wall art is what we promote, and we can help with the many options available to help you create something that your loved ones will treasure.

Gift family portraits can be any theme and location. We can work with you on anything you would like to do to get the images you would like to give as gifts. 

There is still time to make and create beautiful and precious images of your family this year for Christmas, call us to schedule a session and discuss ideas and what kind of final image you would like to create with us.  Call us today 254.855.0641!



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Christmas Family Portrait Cards Christmas custom family portrait cardChristmas holiday cardsThis is one of the many Christmas card styles we offer.

It is almost holiday season!  Let us help you with the important tradition of sending personalized holiday greeting cards to your coworkers, friends, and family.  Now is the time to get yours made. We offer fun sessions for individuals on up to the biggest of families, even with the family pet!  There are many choices of card designs, give us a call today to schedule your session.

Family portrait on Christmas holiday cardChristmas holiday cardsSample of Christmas holiday cards with family portrait

We are completely flexible, offering sessions in a variety of locations including your own living room ...we will capture the spirit of your family, the way YOU want it! Meet with us for your personalized session consultation, call today!

Round holiday card portrait of familyRound holiday cardChristmas card of family

Cards come with envelopes and can be ordered in quantities of 50, 100, 150, and 200.  Prices vary by size and shape of card chosen.  There are many choices on types of paper.  We recommend the linen or linen coated for a very attractive texture. To view all the different types of cards go to this website:

This link connects you to our photo lab and shows you all the many choices available. 

The price for a box of fifty 4x8 Slim Line or 5x7 Flat cards or 5" square cards and envelopes is $75.  This price includes the photo session and multiple images to choose from with editing of the image(s) if necessary.  Other types and quantities of cards will be different prices, call or contact us by email for further information.  If inquiring about specific cards from the website, let us know the name of the card style for accurate pricing, such as "Joy & Love HGD416"

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you create a beautiful set of cards.


Children portrait Christmas holiday cardMerry Christmas cardPortrait of children on Christmas card    Family Christmas cardChristmas CardFamily Christmas card


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Davy's Waco Midway Senior Photoshoot  

Davy's Senior Photoshoot



Davy is a senior at Midway High School.  He came over to my home studio with his mom and friend Kalli. Davy was naturally a bit nervous but everyone tried to help him relax and he gradually became more comfortable in front of the camera.  He was around a lot of camera and lighting equipment, and this can be a little intimidating the first time!  I took many cap and gown portraits and Davy looked good and the images will look great when printed and framed.

From the studio we took a short drive to an interesting location with a stone structure and heavily wooded.  This area was very nice to use and we made some photos of Davy.  One danger was that there were bees nearby, and poor Davy got stung by one!  He survived and carried on with no complaints. After several dozen photos taken of him by now, Davy was pretty relaxed and seemed to be enjoying the experience more.  Like many, Davy is shy about having pictures taken of himself, but with no pressure and positive feedback, he saw that it was nothing to be worried about. 


Our next location was a park north of Lake Brazos, Bledsoe-Miller Park.  I had scouted this area and realized there were a number of different spots that would make nice backgrounds and set different tones to the pictures I would take of Davy.  With senior guys, they want a more edgy look to the images, so old brick with graffiti, metal with rivets, and other textures, and bold color, can provide a little more interesting background for guys.

We walked quite a way along the river, stopping at locations and taking some shots of Davy as we went.  At the graffiti and a black metal support under a bridge, I asked Davy to give me a tough look, which he did, getting into it very well.  I was very happy with the result, and how the light reflected on the metal.  We made some different looking images, and that was my goal, and after editing and review by Davy's mom and dad, we were all pleased at the results. 

See more of Davy's pictures in the featured photos for March.  Thanks to Davy, his step-mom Sherry, dad Bill, and Kalli, who did a good job acting as my living light stand!  With the windy conditions, I couldn't have managed without her help!


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Picture Folios Dayspring Photography is proud to offer a new and fun way for our customers to view images taken by our photographers.  Picture folios are created by the photographers at Dayspring and a link is sent to our customers.  The folio link can be opened in an iphone or other phones, and if desired, the folio can be turned into an app on the home screen of the phone!  Instructions on how to do this are sent to every client.  Once set up, our customers can tap on the app shortcut to open their pictures very quickly to show friends and family.

A folio can be viewed on phones, tablets, computers, and posted on social media such as Facebook. We are excited to be able to offer this product and are sure it will be a hit!

Folios are also applicable to business use. We can help small or large businesses create a folio which can give details about a business, their menu (if a restaurant), price list, photos of the business location, staff, and add whatever other information, including video clips, that might be desired. With this flexible folio, updates are easy, and for a monthly fee, Dayspring will keep the folio posted and provide maintenance. Folio's can have custom url's created and branding is easy with logos that can be added as desired. For a small business especially, with a limited advertising budget, folios are an option to share information with customers by email or post on a website.

Contact us today to schedule your session and receive as part of our package your folio!

High school seniors who pay for a session will receive a credit for $150 applied to photo products ordered from their photo shoot!

Here is a recent folio made for Madi:   Madi's Folio

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A Cold Day in Fort Worth! Our featured photoshoot for December is Jennie's first photoshoot with us.  Jennie is a college age girl, very petite, and very personable.  We met at Texas Christian Univeristy, and intended to take many pictures around campus.  We started near the baseball field in partly cloudy skies in the early afternoon. Then the wind started to pick up and it started to get colder.  When we moved to another part of campus, the temperature had dropped to the point it had become too cold for Jennie, who did not have a coat with her!

We decided to change plans, as it was getting very cloudy, more windy, and constantly colder, and went to pick up a coat for her, and go to a nearby park.  Jennie knew of a great place, called Z-Boaz park which was a beautifully wooded area with a stream.  If it had only been summer we could have really worked more with the stream, but the trees were wonderful.  

We got some nice images of Jennie near a fallen tree, and near the stream, and her coat and pants colors worked great with the colors of the trees and leaf cover on the ground.  Unfortunately, it just kept getting colder and we had to call an end to the shoot.

Despite the early ending, we made many nice pictures and Jennie certainly was a good sport in staying with me in the cold weather as long as she could stand it.  Best wishes to Jennie and hope to meet her again on a warmer day!

Check the portfolio section for the featured photoshoot for December and see many more pictures of Jennie.

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Close Call at Lake Bryan!

Crysten and I were at the George Bush Library at Texas A&M and we realized that daylight was running out.  I wanted to get pictures of her near Lake Bryan at sunset wearing a beautiful dress Crysten brought.  We left the library parking lot and drove to Lake Bryan, neither of us had been there before!  Good thing for iphone maps!  

It had been a pretty nice partly cloudy afternoon, but as I was driving I saw the sun behind the clouds.  It was obvious that the sun would be hidden by clouds as it set.  This was discouraging, but I figured that if nothing more, I could get photos of Crysten and perhaps change the sky with software.

We got to the park and after paying the entrance fee and asking where a good spot might be, we drove to a spot near the lake.  The sun seemed to race downwards, and I knew it would be gone very quickly, maybe ten or fifteen minutes until total darkness.

I set up my Flashpoint XPLOR strobe, with beauty dish, and got my Nikon D750 camera with a 70-200 Tamron lens out and took a practice shot to see what the lighting would be.  Then Crysten's phone rang.  Her babysitter told her that her son was sick, and I was afraid she would have to leave immediately.  Crysten spoke for a few more minutes, as the situation grew figuratively and literally darker, but she stayed with me, and I was able to get some photos taken of her.  The one above being my favorite.

Even though the sun is not visible, and night has almost fallen, I was pleased with the orange glow in the sky and on the water of the lake.  Crysten is lit pretty well--I would have put another light to the right side to light her hair more, but there wasn't time.  Despite the hurried nature of the situation, I think she and her dress look pretty good, and even with no sun in the picture, the background isn't too bad.  

Thanks to Crysten, and I'll be posting other pictures of her soon.

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Markia's Photoshoot Markia, Lake ComoMarkia by Lake ComoTAH


Met and had a nice time photographing Markia, who lives in Fort Worth.  Markia is a lovely young lady and very photogenic.  See more of her photos in the Markia folder.


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Social Media Headshots With the colder, wetter, weather, it is a perfect time to move into the studio in order to have a current close up photo made.  Headshots are useful for social media sites like Facebook, and for business purposes including sites like Linkedin or for corporate use.  Everyone needs an updated headshot, contact us to schedule your session today!

We have a variety of backgrounds including the standard white or black or gray, along with many others for a different style of look.  We can also take photos outside our studio for other options.


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Father's Day, June 19th

Father's Day is Sunday, June 19th.

Father's Day is coming soon.  Wouldn't it be a nice occasion to get that portrait of dad that you've been meaning to get taken?  Dad by himself, you and dad, dad and the kids.  Time flies when the children are little.  Get some quality portraits made and printed as a metal print or canvas, among many options.  Contact us to arrange a date to make those portraits.

I looked into the background of Father's Day and found this information:

"Father's Day started in the early 20th century in the United States to celebrate fatherhood and to complement Mother's Day. It was first celebrated on June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington at the YMCA by Sonora Smart Dodd. She heard about Mother's Day in 1909 and told her pastor she thought fathers should have a similar holiday. Her father raised six children as a single parent. The local clergymen agreed to the idea and the first Father's Day sermon was given on June 19, 1910."   []

The picture above is of me and my dad.


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High School Senior Sessions The rain and clouds in central Texas will soon be going away (we hope!) so it is time to schedule your senior photoshoot!  

Get your pictures taken outside for a better looking photo.  Senior photoshoots include some photos taken in studio, many in outdoor locations, and a few night time city light shots.  Once taken, then reviewed, you choose what type of product to display your great pictures on. We believe that photos must be freed from the computer and displayed in your home, but yes, digital photos for social media use can be part of your order. Contact us for more details and secure your spot on our schedule!


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